Unforgettable Royal Experiences in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the Danish capital, is a truly Nordic city with a vibrant atmosphere and amazing cultural scene. Everything in this city, from fascinating grand architecture to modern gourmet restaurants, makes a perfect blend of old and new. Danish people like to sit outside, enjoying the sun beams while sipping a creamy cappuccino and observing passers-by […]

Foodstuff Under A Microscope

What really makes up the food we eat? These bizarre photos reveal not alien objects but the surprising details of our daily food. Scientists have examined and captured the extreme foodstuff close-ups using a scanning electron microscope. The results look quite unexpected, how different the natural foods look under a microscope! I am pretty sure […]

8 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets

When I watch fiction movies about the future, I am just amazed at all the brilliant futuristic devices and appliances that are shown there. But I was even more surprised to find out that some of them already exist in real life. Here is the selection of 8 most brilliant kitchen gadgets ever made with […]

Funny Mobile Apps that Everyone Should Have

Laugh your way though these iPhone Apps Avid smartphone owners often use their apps to organise their lives, update their social media networks, and to document the world around them via a vast array of photographs. But smartphones also serve their purpose when it comes time to relaxing and winding down, allowing us to play […]

Cute animals: underwater dogs

Cute animals: underwater dogs Meet hilarious cuties by Seth Casteel Hey people! Being absent here for a while, sorry for that But now I’m back and here is a new small collection of little cuties that I recently found on the web. These pics are made by a masterful photographer Seth Casteel Some of these […]

Words of Wisdom

Sometimes a word said at the right moment can change the direction of our life. I call them the words of wisdom. You are welcome to check the collection of my most favourite inspirational quotes and sayings that do have the meaning for me. If you liked these sayings, be sure to check these as […]

Delicious Geography: Food Maps Project

These wonderful pieces of art are made by Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin who created the geographical outlines of countries using different kinds of foods these countries are mostly associated with. I was really impressed by the beauty of Food Maps colours, patterns and design! I assume it took them a lot of time to […]

Striped Coffee and Milk Jelly

This week I was trying to prepare something unusual and a bit unconventional … and that’s how my striped coffee and milk jelly dessert appeared What can be better than pairing coffee and milk! If you like latte, you will definitely like this simple and light dessert. It’s quite easy to make and doesn’t require […]

Chocolate Pretzel Wreath: DIY Christmas Ornament

Chocolate Pretzel Wreath is a perfect dessert which can decorate not only your festive table but also a Christmas tree. These pretzel wreaths are really tasty … and very easy to do, just 2 ingredients, 15 min of your time and you’re done! Ingredients: 2 packages of mini-pretzels 1 bar of white chocolate (you can […]

DIY Dried Fruit Christmas Décor

Christmas is already around the corner and I am waiting it with all my heart! I just love the special holiday atmosphere, the smell of pine from the Christmas tree and sparkling lights in the windows. Now I am struggling with the ideas for my Christmas home decoration as I would definitely like to share […]